Swivel Adaptor for Racks

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Our Swivel adaptors for you racks are easy to install on your tower!
You can level out and adjust to any angle your wakeboard rack with our 360 degree positioning.

The swivel rotates nice and smooth from facing outwards from the boat and has 5 positions to facing inside the boat.  Most aftermarket swivel systems do not rotate as far as the Indy swing mounts. The pin is access from the bottom which makes them very unique and easy to use by anybody.  The board racks can be rotated to the required position by anybody in the boat by pulling the pin from under the rack and rotating the boards into or out of the boat. There is no bending or leaning over the top of boars and racks just to access the pin.

Protect you rack from damage whilst travelling on the road by quickly adjusting the pin and swinging the racks to face inside the boat. You still have the option of removing the centre bolt and storing the rack leaving the clamp in position on your tower. You can also remove one bolt from your wakeboard rack finger and swing the finger to face inside the boat.

Storage of wakeboard in the swivel board racks!

When you insert your boards into the Indy racks you will notice they will be locked into a nice wedge shape at the bottom and will be slightly angled away from each other. This small be effective widening of the middle finger at the tip creates a buffer zone between your boards so they do not slap and damage in rough water. The mushroom shape rubber is embedded into a 4mm machined channel inside the finger to protect you boards. These simple small details are what we create to make pure performance products that make you experience enjoyable on the water. Our wakeboard racks can also be upgraded with a swivel wakeboard racks adaptor.

Clamps sizes

The swivel board racks have a 2.5inch clamp with a 2.25inch and 2inch rubber inserts.

*please note only the swivel adaptor is included. Rack sold separately.


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