Origin Heavy Duty Board Sports Wall Storage Rack


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Included are 2 x 48” vertical tracks, 8 x 15” length fingers, and hardware to install directly to wall studs or drywall. Fully adjustable wall rack system can be installed with indefinite width configurations to adjust to your boards. The fingers can be adjusted up or down by moving them along the rail slots to adjust for any board thickness. The rails and fingers are constructed with heavy duty steel. Each rail is extra wide to accommodate board weight, and to distribute more weight along more surface area for a solid installation. Our finger is surrounded by a thick rubber board bumper for superior board protection; this provides board ding protection above and below your board. Our wall rack kit comes with everything you need for installation. This system can mount to finished our unfinished walls anywhere in your home; Bedroom, Living Room, Garage, or Shed. Simply space out the rails, mark for drilling holes, insert drywall anchors or screw directly to studs without. Slide fingers into the slots, and store your boards. It’s that easy.


Fully adjustable heavy duty solid steel wall racks. The rails can be installed in indefinite widths to accommodate any length boards. The fingers can be adjusted up and down along the rail slots to adjust for any board thickness.

Perfect for any board enthusiast. Stores up to 4 boards and fits all types of boards; Snowboards, Snow Skis, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Kneeboards, Wakeskates, Wakesurfers, Water Skis, Skateboards, Skimboards, Skimboards, Bodyboards, Freeboards, Longboards, Mountainboards, and more.

Includes 2 x 48″ extra width rails, 8 x fingers, 12 x Drywall Anchors, and 12 x Screws

Superior board protection with heavy duty steel and seamless extra thick rubber bumper finger inserts top to bottom. No need to worry about board dings when inserting your boards.


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