Getting Started

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Getting started

Before you and your board even hit the water, it’s really important that you set it up correctly!

Here’s a simple guide:

  1. For the average size guy or girl, place your boots one insert from the widest stance.
  2. If you’re a shorty, bring it in 2 inserts. If you’re tall push it out as wide as it will go.
  3. Your stance should be symmetrical with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  4. Your boots should angle outwards slightly. This is to ensure that your knees bend and straighten over your toes. This avoids excessive strain on the lateral and medial sides of your knees.
  5. Finally, ensure that everything is tight and in proper working order.

The next bit is easy… strap in and go shred!!!


Rope length and speed

Every boat and rider is different!

Start with a speed that you are comfortable with

If you are NOT jumping, leave it longer and just work on carving back and forth to build your level of control

If you are jumping, stand next to the wake and begin shortening your rope until you are out of the foamy section and have a nice clean wake from which to launch from.

As you feel more comfortable you can increase your speed and rope length to suit!

These riding tips have been brought to you by Travis ‘Ozzy’ Osborne WAKECOACH