Wake to Wake jump

Categories: Professional Advice

Everyone knows that there is no better feeling than launching off the wake and floating through the air before gently landing down the other side of the wake!


For some its easy, but for most it is a challenging and sometimes painful time in their progression…


Here’s some basic pointers on setting up for, and then mastering the ‘WAKE to WAKE’ jump.


  • Start with your line longer than usual ( 1 or 2 extensions ), this will enable you to cut harder but still land somewhere near the middle of the wake. You want to avoid hitting the upside of the second wake as this will most likely hammer you!
  • Make sure that you approach the wake with a soft stance. This means, knees bent and and in a squatted position. This will be the stance that you will stand tall from off the wake. You will want to make sure that you weight your feet evenly on the board when edging.
  • As you ride through the wake, ensure that you hold your edge until you release from the wake. At the same time, be standing tall. This means gently extending your legs as you ride through the wake. This will maximise the load on the line and transfer all your energy up off the wake and into air time!
  • When you are consistently nailing your jumps, shorten your line up from your usual starting position ( 1 or 2 extensions ).
  • At this point it’s all about commitment! Get out wide so you can set up and start building a controlled edge at the wake. You will want to add 10% – 20% extra to your usual approach to ensure that you go the distance… The key here is to be in control! If you get out of shape, stop and start again.
  • this should be enough to see you safely clear both wakes and start taking your riding to the next level! If you come up short, remember to use your knees to absorb the impact and worst case, ditch the handle…